The New Normal: How to get there

Hello everyone, Ryan Lisk here with my third and final (for now) COVID-19 “How To” article, “How To Get To The New Normal”. Here’s a quick hint: You are only getting to the new normal once you stop using the term, “The New Normal.” I know, right!! The new normal is nothing more than a […]

Feeling unfocused? Try this one simple worksheet

“I feel weird working from home.” “I’m trying to handle a conference call and a 3-year-old at the same time.” “I just worked out and it’s 10:00 AM.” “What am I doing? I feel like I’ve lost my focus.” My clients are some of the hardest-working, motivated, driven, laser-focused individuals alive. So, if they’re unfocused, […]

10 Takeaways from the 2020 TTISI R3 Conference

The TTISI R3 conference is the premier talent management conference hosted by Target Training International. This year was my 13th time attending the conference. Here are my top 10 takeaways from this year’s conference. 10 Takeaways from TTISIā€™s 2020 R3 Conference. #1.  R3. – The conference is being called R3.  TTISI (Target Training International Success […]

Lisk Associates Team Building Challenge

I hear it all the time, “Ryan, building a team is hard.” That’s right it is. But if you could master team-building, it’s arguably the #1 competitive advantage you would have. If you’re responsible for building a team, whether it’s a sports team or an organizational team, I offer nine categories where you can “check […]

Team Turnover: Video

The college basketball season kicks off next week. I have been tracking turnover of six major college basketball programs for 10 years. My original article: A New Look at One and Done (see previous blog post) was more focused on “selection”, illustrating how all coaches have to handle some form of one-and-done. This 2019 […]