Selecting The Best

“Screen for competencies. Hire for fit.” -Johnny C. Taylor, President & CEO, SHRM

Before working with us, some of our clients described their hiring process as a flip of the coin, a crapshoot, roll of the dice, or a spin on the roulette wheel.

Lisk Associates’ “Selecting The Best” services help reduce risk and luck in your selection process. Keep your gambling in the casinos.

Reducing risk and luck in your selection process

Our “Selecting The Best” services fit into your current selection process and include: Job Benchmarking with job-specific, behavioral-based interview questions, objective data including The Gap Report & The Fit Report, and our simple On-Boarding process.

All reports & assessments used in our “Selecting The Best” suite are valid, reliable, EEOC & OFCCP compliant, and free of adverse impact.