Leadership Development

Leadership resides in every person.

It is not reserved for executives or managers.

Leadership development is not an event, it’s a process.  It would be like me telling you how play poker and never letting you sit down at a table. Leadership is a “go-do” process taking what you learn in your seat and applying in the street that is your everyday team. We offer a custom leadership curriculum based on the needs of your people and your organization. Our program is called “Coaching, Culture, and Leadership.”  

“Coaching, Culture, and Leadership” Professional Development Program


Session 1:  Getting to know each other

Session 2:  Real Time Coaching part 1:  A simple, practical approach   

Session 3:  RealTime Coaching part 2:  What do you want?

Session 4:  Enculturation Part 1:  It’s all about your culture

Session 5:  RealTime Coaching part 3:  What are you doing?

Session 6:   Enculturation Part 2:  Functional Dysfunction

Session 7:  Is what you’re doing working?

Session 8:   Developing your leadership identity

Session 9:  The #1 killer of leaders:  Soft Skills

Session 10:  What is your plan? Bringing it all together