Leadership Development

Leadership resides in every person. It is not reserved for executives, managers, or job titles. Leadership development is not an event, it’s a process. And, it’s not luck as leadership can be developed. We offer a custom Leadership Development Program (LDP) based on the needs of your people, providing your emerging leaders with tools to “go-do”. We call this “Taking it from your seat to the street”. Below is a sample agenda of our LDP curriculum.

  • Session #1: Getting Know Each Other & Quick Start
  • Session #2: RealTime Coaching Part 1
  • Session #3: RealTime Coaching Part 2
  • Session #4: Lead Like a Lieutenant Colonel
  • Session #5: Enculturation
  • Session #6: What are you Doing Part 1
  • Session #7: What are you Doing Part 2
  • Session #8: EQ
  • Session #9: Becoming a Complete Leader
  • Session #10: Graduation