Poll: What Do You Value From Lisk Associates

I was reading a recent article from my counterpart Briana Dudley on Value-Added Selling. At Lisk Associates, we are teaching you to identify the fact that people value things differently (Driving Forces & Hartman Value Profile). In order to offer value, you have to understand what your clients find valuable. The article identifies four primary client categories and what each finds most valuable:

Transaction-centric clients: These clients want the perfect solution at the best moment and for the lowest price.

Relationship-centric clients: These clients want a bond with their business “person”. They want a person who understands them and their needs.

Information-centric clients: These clients are more interested in knowledge. They want the information and education to serve their needs.

Partnership-centric clients: Similar to relationship-centric clients with the added business element. They want a person who not only knows them, but their business needs as well.

Lisk Associates has a mix of all four of these types of clients. I wanted to poll the audience…..Based on these four categories only, what type of client are you when it comes to what you value when working with Lisk Associates? Click the link below to answer:


Thanks to Briana for allowing me to use her article. Her original can be found by clicking below.

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