Which Candidate Said That?

I just had a call with one of our clients reviewing two candidates for a position. As we talked I mentioned I felt one of the candidates may be quicker to pick up on other people, tasks, and systems and the other may struggle more. I asked, “Did you happen to notice any areas where one of them seemed to “get it” more than the other?

My client said, “That’s amazing! You won’t believe this. One of the candidates was professional and we immediately connected with them. We were hesitant to even interview this candidate as they didn’t really have the industry experience.

The other candidate has the industry experience we are looking for but debated, almost argued with us about our selection process, didn’t want to do the video interview or complete their personal talent report stating they were not a fan of these types of tests. Even though this candidate has much more industry experience, we feel we can train those skills and are looking for someone more likely to fit in.”

How did we predict which candidate said what? One part of our “Selecting The Best” process uses the Hartman Value Profile. In the two graphs below, just look at the World View: People-Tasks-Systems columns for the two candidates. Without providing the technical analysis and getting in the weeds here, Candidate A doesn’t see People, Tasks, and Systems as clearly as Candidate B. Overall average score for Candidate A is 67 while Candidate B’s average score is 93. For those of you working ahead, did you notice they both have similar Self View scores?

While we didn’t know exactly HOW it would play out, we simply asked the question and let our client fill in the rest of the story. Our client already picked up on this confrontational vibe from Candidate A, but our personal talent report helped verify their gut instinct and added objective data to their subjective feelings. We let the job talk telling us what it wanted and we let the candidate data talk allowing our client to “Select The Best”.

If you want to improve your selection process, check out our “Selecting The Best” page or feel free to reach out to me: [email protected]