The GAP Report

“Adding a little science to your selection.” -Suzie Price

“Unfortunately Sarah is not working out. They plan to let her go before her 90 day review. She was a high risk fit to the benchmark with 50% Excellent Fit, 8% Fair Fit, and 42% Poor Fit to the job benchmark).”

Once a job benchmark is complete, applicants/candidates will complete an online report. The data we get from their report will be compared to the job benchmark they are applying for.

One way we determine fit is by using a data-only report called the gap report. The gap report is a data-only view of several candidates’ data on one page. Here is a snapshot of one portion of a Lisk Associates GAP report for the position of “Partner”.

The GAP report allows us to see multiple candidates in a side-by-side snapshot as well as helping determine if candidates are a Low-Risk Fit, Medium-Risk Fit, or High-Risk Fit to the benchmark.