On-boarding is the bridge between “Selecting the Best” and “Professional Development”.

Re-boarding is a term I first heard from one of our clients (Brian) and will be one of the post-Covid-19 trends the best #peoplefirst leaders will invest in.

Our on-boarding/re-boarding process is divided into simple sessions. Each session should be 30-45 minutes. The number of sessions depends on the type of report you are using. We have created “how-to” videos for each session. If you have a Style Insights report, a Talent Insights report or a Personal Talent Report you may use these videos.

Session #1: Behavioral styles: How you prefer to communicate and complete your tasks. Reports used: Styles Insights, Talent Insights, and Personal Talent.

Session #2: Driving Forces: What drives you and what drives you crazy. Reports used: Talent Insights and Personal Talent.

Session #3: Combo Section: Strengths, weaknesses, ideal work environment, wants, and needs. Reports used: Talent Insights and Personal Talent.

Sessions #4: Competencies: What talents and skills are needed for your job. Report used: Personal Talent.

We have provided you access to the pre-meet working videos below. Watch the videos and do the exercises before your meeting. Both the leader and the employee should complete the exercises. This will allow the bulk of your meeting time to be invested in the conversation.

ROI of on-boarding/re-boarding: We believe investing in these on-boarding/re-boarding meets will put you 3-6 months ahead of the communication curve improving your time to effectiveness (TTE).

TTE for on-boarding new employees is the amount of time it takes them to become profitable.

TTE for re-boarding current employees is the amount of time it takes them to go from “disorientation” to “recommitment”.