DISC in Depth

I had a request this week for the bullet points as to why TTI DISC? Here are some of my thoughts and resources from our DISC partner, TTI Success Insights.

My point of view is DISC is a tool used to measure natural behavioral styles. It measures how a person prefers to communicate and how they prefer to get their tasks completed. DISC is a 4-factor model. Each factor has two sides. Below, I have a simplified definition of each factor and I have attached a link to a pdf for your benefit.

D = Dominance. How a person responds to problems.

I = Influence. How a person responds to people.

S = Steadiness. How a person responds to pace.

C = Compliance. How a person responds to procedures.

I use DISC as a part of our “Selecting The Best” process as well as team-building, professional development, and improved communication. If you have questions or opportunities, let me know: [email protected]

Here is a publication from TTI Success Insights on DISC in Depth: Everything you need to succeed providing an overview of the TTISI DISC report. Remember, not all DISC reports are the same.