What Does Lisk Associates Do?

Last week I updated my voicemail message to say: “You’ve reached Ryan Lisk of Lisk Associates and RealTime Coaching….” One of my best friends left a message and said, “I didn’t know you owned RealTime Coaching.” I thought that was a problem.

2021 is Lisk Associates’ 30th year in business (Lisk Associates Timeline) and because our name isn’t very descriptive (another problem) we must work consistently to tell others what we do.

Lisk Associates is a #peoplefirst business with a simple, practical, and valuable approach. Our two big umbrellas of #peoplefirst work are “Selecting the Best” and “Professional Development”. Our cheesy slogan would be: “Select the best and develop the rest”. Our professional slogan is: “Making people, teams, and organizations more valuable”. Our ideal clients believe the majority of their business results rely on people. If you have initiatives, opportunities, and problems involving people, we may be the right fit.

Selecting The Best: We specifically fill the gap in your hiring process measuring a person’s fit to a job. We have tools available such as job360’s, job benchmarks, competency measures, targeted behavioral-based interview questions, day-one development plans, gap reports, and fit reports.

Professional Development: We have several areas of #peoplefirst development such as: On-boarding, Re-boarding, Team-Building, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, and our Lisk Associates’ proprietary content: RealTime Coaching.

What type of Lisk client fits you best?

There are three types of Lisk Associates clients:

First are “Project Clients”. Project clients have a need for RealTime Coaching, Professional Development, or Selecting The Best, they email or call us, we complete the project, and invoice for that project.

Second are “Superuser Clients”. Superusers are certified in either Behaviors, Driving Forces, EQ, and/or RealTime Coaching. Once certified, Superusers enjoy certain privileges and are eligible to run their own reports, workshops, etc as they need.

Finally are “Business Partner Clients”. Business partners use any of the 15 services and products from our business partner menu which in 2020 made up over 95% of Lisk Associates’ total business. Business partners have an open order allowing Lisk to run whatever is needed without Lisk having to get approvals for individual projects or invoices allowing us more time to do the work. Units are deducted from the total based on the work completed. Below is a look at the business partner offerings.

I want to speak with you (“huddle”) about our core areas we help with and various ways we could work with you in 2021. Many times, during these “huddles”, our clients have discovered a service offering that’s an even better fit that what they originally had in mind.

I look forward to hearing from you: [email protected]