Name an Animal that Swims

Quick: Name an Animal that Swims. What did you say?

My family and I have always liked watching Family Feud.  Steve Harvey cracks us up, and he wouldn’t be nearly as funny without the families teeing him up with their crazy answers. 

I was watching fast money.  Contestant #1 comes up.  The question is: Name an animal that swims.  The contestant says, “Fish”.  I shout, “good answer”!!!  Survey says: 16. 

Contestant number two’s turn….Name an animal that swims.  She says, “Dog”!!  I “boo” and laugh, “no way”.   Survey says: 20.

Steve Harvey says, “Dog was the number one answer.”  I said, “That can’t be right. What the heck did the other 64 people answer??” While the answer “fish” was the crystal clear “right answer” to me, it wasn’t even the #1 answer. 

Today is election day. Do you see the link?  Not everyone sees things the same way as you AND their answer is as clear to them as yours is to you. Dog vs. Fish.

Your mindset, choices, leadership, teamwork, and communication start with the experiences you have, what you want, and what you’re passionate about which determines your responses and answers.  

The next time an answer seems obvious to you, but others just aren’t seeing it the same way, instead of trying to argue why you’re right and they’re wrong, remember they are thinking “dog” while you’re thinking “fish”.