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"Whether you are a clerk or the manager of a store, the CEO of a corporation or even the president ...
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“Whether you are a clerk or the manager of a store, the CEO of a corporation or even the president of a country, you will benefit from reading and applying the principles of The Complete Leader.” —Zamzows Superstores, Jim Zamzow

I am excited to announce Lisk Associates has partnered with specifically to bridge the gap between “Selecting The Best” and our on-boarding process helping people take it “from their seat to the street”. 

The Challenge:  The Personal Talent Report (TrimetrixHD) we use for selection & on-boarding provides the ranking and scores for 25 personal talents/competencies.  While these personal talents are skills you can develop, the report leaves us hanging with no action items on how-to develop them once in your job. is a website full of development resources for anyone from a clerk to a president.   One part of the website is specific to the development of the exact same 25 competencies we use. 

Even though the website is called TheCompleteLeader, don’t let the name fool you. Our program is for anyone who wants to get better at the skills needed for superior performance in their job.

Check out here: Competencies

I believe this website brings tremendous supplemental value providing the next step to development after the on-boarding/re-boarding process.  There is no certification needed.    The development action-oriented content is available by subscription only.  

We are offering this as a license facilitated by email address:   

1 email: $199 for 12 months

2-10 emails:  $149 per email for 12 months (small business/department/team)

11-50 emails:  $99 per license for 12 months (medium business/large department/team)

51+ emails:  $79 per license for 12 months (organization-wide)

Pricing includes:  

  • Access to members only area for all 25 competencies
  • Access to the entire website – There are over 700 resources available on the site
  • Re-take the skills assessment as often as you like within 12 months to check progress
  • 12 month subscription will start by email authorization not by site license date
  • Lisk Associates will administer your organization’s license “bank” and passwords

Reply back to me and we will set up a site license for your team, department, business, or organization.

Thank you for your partnership with Lisk Associates.  

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