TTI Success Insights and Present: The State of Employee Teams in 2018

TTI Success Insights® partnered with to conduct this research. TTI Success Insights reveals human potential by helping people to become more aware of themselves, the people around them, and the organizations of which they are a part. By going deeper
than DISC, TTI Success Insights enables teams to excel today and into the future.

About the survey

The survey “Employee Teams Today and Tomorrow” was conducted between February and March of 2018. Our sample was based on 562 HR respondents. Half the sample is working for a company primarily operating in the U.S. with their workforce primarily being U.S. based. The remainder came from companies outside the U.S. or companies who employed people both within and outside the U.S. Thirty percent of the organizations that responded had more than one thousand employees. All major industry sectors were included in the sample.

Enjoy the findings here:  The State of Employee Teams in 2018

Next Steps:

If you find this valuable, and would like to do more with teams, we have the slide deck ready to go and are available to present this material in a live executive briefing type format or a webinar or even work directly with your teams.

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