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  • Ryan Lisk Reply

    Here are a few testimonials from the TTI website:
    “I was pleasantly surprised by the length of the video segments. It was perfect at 4-6 minutes. You took something that could be overwhelming and narrowed it down concisely so I could better manage the time”

    -Kelly Frager from Bluewater Advisory

    “Found it very informative and easy to follow along.”

    -Debbie Aarons from Aarons Consulting

    “Loved all the talking points in all videos, how it was presented and the variety of scenarios and vignettes. They made it easy to follow and kept me fully engaged. I appreciated the real world (i.e. meeting scenes, DISC debrief, etc.) examples and sample scripts. It was truly fun to learn this way!”

    -Rachelle Lee from Einblau & Associates

    “OMG!!!! This is exactly what we needed. This levels up our ability to scale and develop leaders in a much more mastery-based format. Thank you, thank you, thank you TTI. It is not just about us being successful in our businesses, it is about our mission, our goal. Developing people, improving relations and clearing the path for greatness in this world. This tool gives us a way to scale and have a greater impact with more teams and individuals. Sign me up!”

    -Shari Pheasant from Horse Power Strategies

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