“I would never hire someone without meeting them in person….until now.”

It was crazy to think not long ago you could buy a book without going to a book store. And now we buy groceries, dinner, grill accessories, bicycle seats, paper towels, toilet paper, clothes….you can buy anything you want without touching, feeling, and experiencing it. What about buying a car sight unseen? I’ve done it….I bought my current car from CarMax without sitting in it first.What about buying a house without ever stepping foot in it? You may know of someone who’s done this.

One of the trends from COVID-19 is hiring a person without meeting them in person. It seemed unthinkable to one of my clients and then it happened.
This may be something you’ve been thinking about. If you have anxiety over this, I can help in a few different ways. I have been doing this virtually for clients for 12 years.
3 Years ago, I created a presentation called “Selecting The Best” which had a survey of Lisk Associates’ clients and they were asked to determine what percentage of hiring was luck and what percentage was skill? Their answer was 23% luck and 77% skill. The non-Lisk Associates client seems to think it’s about a 50-50 crapshoot. So how can you up your odds of making a great hire in today’s hiring environment?
As SHRM President Johnny C. Taylor said, “Recruit for competencies, hire for fit.”

#1. Get your selection process consistent: The in-person interview (or any individual selection criteria for that matter) should account for no more than 25% of your total selection decision.
This means you must be evaluating your candidates on other criteria. Most selection processes I see have included: Application, Resume, Cover Letter, References, Phone Screen, Test Scores, Hard Skill Tests, Phone Interview, In-Person Interview, Virtual Interview, Drug Test, Personality Assessment, and other criteria. My point to this list is your entire selection process includes many different aspects and criteria. If you need help sorting out your selection process, I will help you.

#2. Up your game from “Virtual” to “Live Online”. Virtual indicates animations and more of a “gaming” environment with AI. Live online means more than just a conference call, it’s video with the professionals and the live interaction. If you haven’t yet used ZOOM or need assistance, I will help you. There’s just something more exciting about Live than Virtual.

#3. Get clear on what traits you’re looking for. I know you trust your gut instincts and I’ve heard all too often, “I know it when I sett it”. In today’s hiring environment, it’s harder to see it so add a little science to your selection. This is done by creating a job benchmark. I can help you determine what traits and talents you’re looking for with our 55-factor job benchmarking tool.

#4. If you’re not using a full-person personality assessment, you should. I hear about DISC all the time, but DISC is a single-factor assessment and for hiring you’re better off investing in a multi-factor tool that is valid, reliable, and free of adverse impact. We use a tool called the Personal Talent Report which measures 55 factors using 4 10-minute online mini-assessments. We overlay a candidate’s traits and talents on top of the job benchmark to help determine “fit” to the job.

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