Feeling unfocused? Try this one simple worksheet

“I feel weird working from home.” “I’m trying to handle a conference call and a 3-year-old at the same time.” “I just worked out and it’s 10:00 AM.” “What am I doing? I feel like I’ve lost my focus.”

My clients are some of the hardest-working, motivated, driven, laser-focused individuals alive. So, if they’re unfocused, what do you think everyone else is doing?

It’s totally normal to feel “dis-oriented” during times of change (see my previous blog: How to flatten your own curve during major change). I have attached a tactical item to get you and your teams re-focused. I called it the re-focus worksheet. This worksheet is about your job. It contains seven simple questions to get you re-focused on what your job is, what it’s responsible for, and what it should spend it’s time on. I do recommend after you fill it out, you get a second opinion from someone who knows your job well. My thinking is: No matter where your office is or what distractions and obstacles you face, your job stays consistent and it’s your baseline to find your work focus.

I hope you find this worksheet simple, practical, and valuable. Hang in there.

Re-Focus Worksheet


  • Jack Leech III Reply

    Spot on Ryan!

    I struggle with this from time to time. After listening to ‘How should this job be performed’ in my head, it became more clear of what I should be doing. As I like to say, ‘it is time to do the hard right (how the job should be performed) over the easy wrong (how I sometimes don’t meet my own high standards)’.

    Thank you for the nudge to do the hard right!

    • Ryan Lisk Reply

      Thank you sir! I appreciate the comments. Stay safe, healthy, and productive.

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