Executive Coaching

Ryan Lisk is an executive coach certified by Lee Hecht Harrison.  While all executive coachees have unique issues and personalities, our executive coaching process is consistent.

Sample Coaching Process

Prior to Meet #1:  Stakeholder(s) are requested for behavioral shifts, improvements, changes, and challenges for the coachee to be addressed during the coaching.

Meet #1: “Getting to know you/me” Introductions, Coaching Overview, Objectives, “ask anything” – If after meet #1, either the coach or coachee wish to terminate the relationship they may do so with no questions and no invoice.  

Meet  #2:  What do you want?  Driving Forces – Finding your WHY.  

Meet #3:  What are you doing?  Your communication style.  

Meet #4:  Bumper Sticker Leadership

Meet #5:  Is what you’re doing working?

Halftime review with key stakeholder(s) for coachee

 Meet #6:  Becoming a Complete Leader

Meet #7:  Alignment

Meet #8:  Overcoming obstacles

Meet #9:  Elective

Meet #10:  What is your plan?   Wrap-up, review, evaluation of results, next steps.

Executive on-boarding

4 1-hour coaching engagements designed to provide self-awareness to the new executive/employee regarding their fit to their new job, their fit to the culture, the fit to their team, and their fit to their new manager.