10 Takeaways from the 2020 TTISI R3 Conference

The TTISI R3 conference is the premier talent management conference hosted by Target Training International. This year was my 13th time attending the conference. Here are my top 10 takeaways from this year’s conference.

10 Takeaways from TTISI’s 2020 R3 Conference.

#1.  R3. – The conference is being called R3.  TTISI (Target Training International Success Insights) has adopted the #peoplefirst mantra.  I have also adopted this at Lisk Associates as 95%+ of our work is focused on people. 

R3 stands for:

  • Reveal – It’s the report’s job to reveal traits about a person (self-awareness).
  • Release – It is my job to help our clients take the content from the report and release their potential.
  • Realize – It is our client’s job to use what they have learned and realize their potential.

#2.  Johnny C. Taylor Jr.  – Johnny is the CEO of SHRM and a great speaker.  He said SHRM is a client of TTISI’s.  I felt like there was no better referral to have than SHRM.  If TTISI’s assessments meet SHRM’s standards, I’m good with that. 

He believes businesses have three strategies:

  • Corporate Strategy = What business are we in?
  • Business Strategy = How do we compete?
  • People Strategy = What talent do we need?

He also believes Culture eats strategy for breakfast (Peter Drucker quote).  He has three strategies for building culture:

  • Recruit for competencies, but hire for fit.
  • Be clear about WHAT your company is.
  • Be even more clear about who their boss is (this is sub-culture).

Johnny’s most impactful quote on me, “We’ve got diversity, we don’t have inclusion.” 

#3.  The best presentations i.m.o. are those where an engaging expert tells their story vs. reads their notes.  

#4.  LEARN. – TTISI has an LMS platform called LEARN.  LEARN currently offers Behaviors (3.5 hours), Driving Forces (2 hours), and Emotional Intelligence/EQ (1.5 hours) virtual training.  LEARN is ideal for getting your certification, but also offers value-adds for after workshop follow-ups.  There is a trend to LMS learnings and trainings and I expect more of this in 2020 including my content, RealTIme Coaching. 

#5.  RealTime Coaching (RTC).  I ran the RTC booth for the second year in a row (see picture).  RTC is growing.  We now have 22 facilitators nationwide.  If you are interested in creating an RTC culture in your organization or becoming a certified RTC facilitator, we are ready to spread the positive virus. 

#6.  ISO 27001 – TTISI has received ISO 27001 certification which is the international standard for an information security management system (ISMS).  It protects and manages information through risk management in three areas:  Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability. 

#7.  Emotional Intelligence Technical Report – This new 120+ page manual provides the statistics and analyses used to establish the validity and reliability of the TTISI EQ assessment.  The last two items are two reasons why TTISI is the best assessment-provider in the market today. 

#8.  What-Why-How-How-Who Questioning Method – This session was conducted by my friend and TTI Master Distributor from Australia, Trevor O’Sullivan.  He believes you can take any statement or number from a TTI report (or any report) during your de-brief conversation and ask the following questions:

  • What – What does this statement or number mean to you? 
  • Why – Why is it important for others to understand this about you?
  • How – How does this trait or score help your performance?
  • How – How does this trait or score hinder your performance?
  • Who – Who can help ensure this trait or score helps vs. hinders your performance going forward?

#9.  New TTI Offerings – There were several new tools announced, here are three I thought had some potential:

  • DISC-only comparison reports
  • The Prioritized Leader – New assessment comparing what the leader’s mindset is vs. what it should be in five categories: Purpose, People, Pace, Perception, and Profit.
  • TARGET Selling Insights – Updated wording, 7 categories with 7 questions per category.

#10.  Final thought – This year it became clear to me how far ahead of the curve our clients are with the practicality and the innovation we use the TTISI reports.  I am happy to be a part of your success and look forward to the year ahead. 

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